Nextgen Supply Hub LLP is part of Route2Market® network. We are an online selling expert.

We operate and maintain two portal of our own and sell on e-commerce market places. We are enlisted sellers on Amazon and Flipkart. We have our in house inventory stocking & management, packaging, dispatch and follow up departments to ensure a seamless experience on e-commerce. We devise sales plans and promotion to increase sales online.

Our scope of activities starts from the analysis of the product, competition analysis, writing of business plan – which is a roadmap for the coming 12 months. Regular monitoring of the implementation of this business plan, consultation with the product and course correction is ensured to take care of the dynamic online sales scenarios.

We identify the best platform suited for your product – marketplace vs own portal vs strategic placement. This decision is complicated and an important one for the long term success. Launching for sales is a high energy activity, and it includes cataloguing, product profiling, description, keyword identification and tagging.

While listing your product for sales on Amazon or Flipkart or any other leading marketplace, we ensure their approval for the listing. We do the category identification, keyword search, product ranking and listing. Running promotions and managing reviews.

Order processing and dispatch, returns management, damage claims, inventory management, GST compliance, withholding tax and account reconciliation are done by the in house team, to ensure seamless delivery experience.

It is crucial to hire the best for your e-commerce journey to succeed. We at Nextgen have developed and tested the eCommerce sales process inhouse for many years. We work on the latest software and cloud-based SaaS systems. We have tie-ups with all leading delivery companies and will ensure perfect online selling experience of your products.

We can be your preferred partner or an exclusive destination for online sales. You can outsource your e-commerce requirements to us, and we will take care of the rest.

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