Davinci Gourmet Cocoa Premium Chocolate Mix, 1 kg

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  • Easy to make and great tasting.
  • Convenient hot chocolate mix allows to enjoy this flavor in any season.
  • Replicating the rich indulgence of Belgian Chocolate.
  • Carefully crafted in small batches using only two ingredients: real cocoa and pure cane sugar
  • This enticing mix features a rich and creamy, classic hot cocoa tastes to deliver a gourmet beverage with a smooth consistency
  • Stored unopened, in a clean, cool (<25°C), dry location

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This hot chocolate mix comes with all the flavor and frothiness of decadent cafe drinks without all of the time and effort. Each 1 kg. bag of mix yields approximately (29) 8 oz. cups of hot chocolate and delivers a consistent product each and every time. This mix is designed for use in a hot chocolate or cappuccino machine for bulk preparation, but is also ideal for making individual cups by hand mixing with hot water. The perfect addition to any establishment, this hot chocolate mix is sure to please patrons at your coffee shop, restaurant, concession stand, convenience store, or waiting room.
DaVinci Gourmet cocoa mix, pour all ingredients into a commercial blender and mix for 35 seconds until a smooth texture is attained. Pour into serving glass.


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