Da Vinci Gourmet Classic Mojito Syrup (Mint, 750 ml)

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  • Irresistible mojito mint flavor; Made with pure cane sugar
  • Compatible with a .25 oz. syrup pump (sold separately) to measure and cleanly dispense flavor
  • Great for drinks
  • Easy-pour bottle has an attractive shelf presence; Perfect for use in coffee shops and cafes
  • Enhances your lattes, and cocktails without being too sweet.
  • Mojito Mint Flavoured Syrup to make a chilled soothing drink at parties or simply at the end of a tiresome day.


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Sun ripened lime juice is carefully added to natural cane sugar and Mojito mint (Hierba Buena) to create what we believe is the finest Mojito syrup ever made.

Recipe-(Suggested Recipe For 350 ml)

Fresh Garden Mint Mojito

  1. Da Vinci Gourmet Classic Mojito Syrup-25 ml
  2. Lime/Lemon Chunks- 4 nos
  3. Fresh Mint Leaves- 8 nos
  4. Soda Water- To top up
  5. Ice Cubes-3/4 glass.
  6. Method- Gently muddle the lime/lemon and mint along with syrup, top with ice and soda water. Mix well and serve.

Apple Mint Tea Granita

  1. Description – Combining classic European favourites to deliver a tart and refreshing tea granita. An elegant infusion of Green Apple syrup, Tea and Mint syrup. A lovely drink to have whilst catching up with friends
  2. Davinci Gourmet ingredients – Green Apple Campagna Syrup-30 ml, Mojito mint Syrup-15 ml, Flavour Maxx-5 ml, Frappease Powder- 15 g
  3. Other ingredients – Rich Brew Tea- 90 ml, Ice -200 g
  4. Method -Steep 2 tea bags in 250 ml hot water for 3 mins then cool to room temperature for rich brew tea place all ingredients into blender cup blend until smooth then pour into glass
  5. Garnish with mint leaves, green apple slice and serve


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