Davinci Gourmet Banana Flavoured Syrup, 750 ml

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  • This bottle of Davinci Gourmet Banana Flavoured Syrup contains 750 ml.
  • A delicious syrup made with the sweet flavour and aroma of real bananas
  • This Syrup is used in delicious mocktails as a main ingredient.
  • Stored unopened, in a clean, cool (<25°C), dry location
  • Drizzle it into tea, coffee, tropical cocktails and mocktails and desserts for sweet banana flavor and aroma 

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The ripe banana flavor of this syrup envelops the taste buds with sweet, authentic flavor. One splash of flavoring syrup goes a long way, and flavored beverages enhance your menu with new, appealing items. This user-friendly plastic bottle is easy for your baristas and restaurant staff to handle, and maintains an attractive shelf appearance while reducing possible breakage in your establishment. 

Recipe: (Suggested Recipe For 210 ml)

Tropical Summer

  1. Davinci Gourmet Banana Flavoured Syrup- 22.5 ml
  2. Lime juice- 10 ml
  3. Pineapple juice-60 ml
  4. Method- Shake & strain with ice. Pour over a rocks glass.
  5. Garnish- Lime Slice.

Mango Banana Chocolate Creme

  1. Description – A rich and delicious mix of ripe mangoes, bananas and dates are paired with creamy chocolate in a unique and perfect blend to re-energize after the long fasting!
  2. Da Vinci Gourmet ingredients – Mango Fruit mix-30 ml, Chocolate sauce-15 ml, Banana cream syrup- 30 ml
  3. Other ingredients – Milk-100 ml,Ice-200 g, Mixed nuts (pistachios, nuts, dates- 1 scoop, Mango cubes(optional) -10 gr
  4. Method – Blend all the syrups with ice,  milk and dates in the serving cup pour the Chocolate sauce into the bottom pour the blended drink to create a nice layer and garnish


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